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Dar Al-Kalima Academy  

The Dar al-Kalima Academy is an institution of higher education in Palestine whose mission is to provide high quality educational opportunities to students from the different sectors of the Palestinian society. The Dar al-Kalima Academy is concerned with spreading values of democracy, free expression and critical thinking so as to create a civil society in Palestine that is aware and free. The Dar al-Kalima Academy seeks to offer training in the following fields

  • Music
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Media
  • Communications
  • Cultural Management
  • Tourism
  • Christian Ministry

Mission of the Dar al-Kalima Academy

  1. Create an educational institution in the Bethlehem region that is concerned with the studentís intellectual development in terms of creative thinking and technical abilities, through offering a curriculum that is designed for the 21st century.
  2. Meet the economic, cultural, social, and educational needs of the Palestinian society.
  3. Contribute to the enrichment of the intellectual and cultural life in Palestine through providing the young people with necessary training as well as academic and vocational skills.
  4. Provide alternative educational opportunities to what already exists at institutions of higher learning in Palestine. Hence, new job opportunities for Palestinian students will be created
  5. Provide a comprehensive and broad curriculum that depends on the creative skills of the students. 
  6. Encourage human productivity and creative skills to enable people to shape their future through their work.
  7. Create a forum where young Palestinian men and women have the opportunity to study with people from other religious and cultural backgrounds. This shall promote the ideals of pluralism, mainly tolerance and respect for the thinking and beliefs of others.  
  8. Create an infrastructure necessary for the rejuvenation of the cultural life in Palestine and the reshaping of the Palestinian cultural identity that suffered at the hands of the Israeli occupation.
  9. Provide young Palestinian men and women with vocational training that meets international standards in fields such as tourism, media, music, communications, cultural management, as well as arts and crafts.   
  10. Conserve and revive traditional Palestinian handicrafts that are slowly dying out, as well as evolving the handicraft industry to meet the international standards.
  11. Encourage active communications and the establishment of a network between educators, theologians, journalists, musicians, artists from Palestine and the rest of the world.


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