Opening of Dar al-Kalima College

The First Specialized

 Fine Arts and Communications College

in Palestine



On September 18, the Dar al-Kalima College will open its doors to receive the class of 2008. Specializing in arts and communications, the Dar al-Kalima College’s mission is to cultivate talent, communicate hope and create new opportunities.




For the first two years of operation the Dar al-Kalima College will be temporarily located on the premises of the ICB and will relocate by 2008 to its permanent site at Mount Murair. The Dar al-Kalima College, accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education, is a two-year degree granting college. During the academic year 2006/2007 the College shall offer two programs of study, namely Documentary Film Production and Glass & Ceramic. In the following year, more programs shall be added in the fields of arts, multimedia, communications and tourism-related fields.