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Cave Arts & Crafts Center (Al-Kahf)

Al-Kahf Arts & Crafts Center aims at reviving the local community’s sense of beauty, strengthening the cultural identity, and cultivating the artistic talents. It seeks to: 

  • Create an infrastructure that is necessary for the rejuvenation of the cultural life in Palestine

  • Conserve and revive the traditional Palestinian handcrafts that are slowly dying out, as well as evolve the handicraft industry so as to meet international standards

  • Provide needed vocational training for young people, and hence creating job opportunities for young and qualified Palestinians

  • Encourage human productivity and creative skills so as to enable people, through their own work, to participate in shaping their future 

Al-Kahf Facilities:

  • Al-Kahf Gallery
  • Al-Kahf Workshops
  • Al-Kahf Gift Shop
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