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The project time schedule


The installation art project in the period from October to December 2004 was implemented in each school, where the students had installation art training workshops and lectures, afterwards each school produced the final installation pieces which were exhibited in their respective schools. 

Schools Exhibitions Schedule


School Name

School Type


Sat 12/2 – Fri 18/2

The Good Shepherd’s Swedish School



Sat 19/2 – Fri 25/2

Deheisha Prep. boys School


Duhaisha refugee camp

Sat 26/2 – Fri 4/3

Shepherd’s Greek Orthodox  High School


Beit Sahour

Sat 5/3 – Fri 11/3

Aida Prep. Girls School


Aida refugee camp

Sat 12/3 – Fri 18/3

The Evangelical Lutheran School


Beit Sahour

Sat 19/3 – Fri 25/3

Al-Jaba' C.E. Secondary School


Western rural/Jaba'

Wed 30/3 – Tue 5/4

Ashbal Hamza Secondary School for boys


Eastern rural/Alobaidiyah

Thu 7/4 – Wed 13/4

Wady Fooken C.E. Secondary School


Western rural/Wad Fooken

Sat 16/4

Dar-Salah Secondary School for Girls


Eastern rural/ Dar Salah

Sat 23/4 – Thu 28/4

Chile Secondary School for Girls


Beit Jala

The final one-month exhibition was opened on May 10, 2005 at the ICB, and  lasted until June 10, 2005.

A Public Debate was also held at Ad-Dar Cultural and Conference Center on June 2, 2005. It proved to be a powerful forum as it was an important opportunity for the students to present their issues that were identified to decision makers representing government officials, local government officials and leaders of civil society organizations. Many have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current education system, but also with limited facilities for the youth as well as issues related to the political atmosphere and limited opportunities for employment after obtaining higher education. 

The public debate with decision makers

A final event of the installation art project was conducted on June 10, 2005 with the official closing of the one-month ICB exhibition. Principals, teachers and the students, were presented with gifts in appreciation of their participation in the project, and the time and effort they spent in making this project a success.

Students presented gifts in kind at the ICB

Also 2000 copies of colored photographs booklet of the art pieces were published , to be distributed to schools, international donors, libraries, Ministry of Sports and Youth, local government offices, and so forth.


Booklet Cover
(Click on the picture to download the booklet)


Also a documentary film was produced, which highlights the strong points and major events of the project, documents some significant art pieces, and encourages other schools and youth to follow suit and adopt such a project in order to give the youth a chance and a way of expression. The film is English subtitled for international audience, and it is 20-minutes long.

Click Here to down load the final report