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Teacher Workshops

Ten art teachers from the different participating schools were trained for 30 hours in the field of installation art with the international art expert Ms. Mary Tuma, from the United States.  The aim of the training is to build a cadre of experts in the field of installation art, who then shall facilitate the installation art workshops for the students.

The intensive 5 days of the Installation Art Workshop started on Monday, July 5th and was completed on Saturday, July 10th, 2004. During the 5 days of training, the teachers were introduced to the fields of installation art and contemporary art, as well as to the specific works of Mary Tuma herself, who also held an exhibition at the Cave Gallery of the ICB entitled “Internal Power”.

In addition, Ms. Tuma conducted brainstorming sessions to enable the participants to develop art ideas from their own local contexts and situations. The teachers were extremely enthused and were able to come up with many creative ideas. At the end of the workshop, the participants made their own installation art pieces and exhibition.

A final official critique was made during the final day of the workshop for each art work, followed by a group discussion. Later on, the ICB held a reception for all the attendants. Mr. Abdallah Shakarneh, the Head of the Ministry of Education in the Bethlehem Governorate, supervisors from the Palestinian Ministry of Education, and several schools’ principals were in among those who attended the critique and the reception.

The ICB prepared a digital installation art library as teaching materials for teachers in the schools, as well as the video documentation of Mary Tuma’s lectures.

After the ten art teachers were trained in the field of installation art with the international art expert Mary Tuma, for a period of 30 hours.The ICB organized another two-day intensive workshop (12 hours) to design with the teachers a training plan for the students’ workshops.

 About the International Artist Mary Tuma

Mary Tuma was born in Oakland, California and is of Palestinian origin. She received her Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in 1994. She has made five solo exhibitions in the USA and in Jerusalem and has participated every year since 1993 in a number of group exhibitions mainly in the USA but also in Egypt, Jerusalem and now Bethlehem. Miss. Tuma is a Professor of Art at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, USA, working with Three-dimensional Art at the Department of Art.

The Exhibition of  Mary Tuma

“Internal Power”, the Cave Gallery (17/6-12/7/2004)


 About the International
Artist Alexandra Handal

Alexandra Handal is a London-based Palestinian artist who was raised in the Caribbean and Latin America and was educated in the USA and Europe. She obtained a BFA in Painting and minor in Art History at Boston University, an MA in Studio Art at New York University and also pursued parallel studies in Paris and Madrid. Her artworks have been included in group exhibitions internationally, namely in Australia, Canada, USA, Latin America and Asia. She was a finalist for the Young Artist of the Year 2004- Hasan Hourani Award from the A. M .Qattan Foundation, Ramallah. Ms. Handal lives and works in London where she is a Researcher at the University of Arts London/ Chelsea College of Art and Design and is the recipient of the University of Arts London Studentship Award.

The Exhibition of  Alexandra Handal


Teacher-Trainees’ Art Pieces

To download a presentation PowerPoint file for teachers works click here then save it on your computer


 Mrs. Mary El Hussien, the art teacher at the Good Shepherd’s Swedish School

 “migrating Birds”

17 balloons represent the age of Mrs. El-Hussien's son who traveled to study, and the heart in the nest is catching the 18th balloon hoping for his return.


 Mrs. Nancy Salsa, the art teacher at Evangelical Lutheran school

 “Good and Evil”

Mrs. Salsa represents the evil with a black room and thorns, but there is still a place for the good represented by the white roses which grow between the thorns, spreading their big white shadow on the dark world.


 Mrs. Na’elah Hamamrah, the art teacher at Wady Fooken E.C School


Na’elah represents the occupation as a tornado destroying and carrying away everything with it.


 Mrs. Wisam Nassar, the art teacher at Chile Secondary School for Girls


Wisam’s work represents wisdom that one should learn from his/her mistakes. The butterflies are an example for not doing that. They keep returning to light until they die.


 Miss. Aida Fatule, the art teacher in Aida Prep. Girls School

 “Four Seasons”

Aida Hung tires to be as a game for children to climb, instead of burning them in streets and polluting the environment. She used 12 bicycle tires, coloring them with 4 different colors referring to the 4 seasons.


 Mr. Ahmad Hamdan, the art teacher at Al-Jabaá Secondary School

& Mr. Muhammad Salah, the art teacher at Ashbal Hamza Secondary School

“Love Story”

It is a lost love story. The heart is crying, and its tears are watering the earth. All the leaves are on the ground have fallen down, except two green leaves meaning that life goes on, with hope for a new love.    


 Miss Rana Ishaq, the art teacher at Shepherd’s High School


Rana’s idea deals with the confiscation of the Palestinian land and the uprooting of trees.


  Mr. Sami Hurani, the art teacher at Deheisha Prep. School.

“Who is the Enemy of the World?”

There is a mysterious power trying to drawn the world in blood.


Mrs. Suad M. Odetala, the art teacher at Dar-Salah CS. School for Girls

“Our heritage is real and not a photo”  &  “The complicated man”

Suad made two pieces, the first one “Our heritage is real and not a photo” she used objects related to Palestinian heritage and made a composition of them.

In the second piece “The complicated man”, she used a rope and shaped it as a man and made knots indicating the complications in life and mentality of the human being.