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  • Medium Ceramic Rectangle Tray

    handmade medium Ceramic Rectangle Tray from the holy land painted and glazed with a free lead glazing with Palestinian Embroidery drawings
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  • Small Ceramic Rectangle Tray

    handmade small Ceramic Rectangle Tray from the holy land painted and glazed with a free lead glazing with birds and grapes drawings
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  • Apron

    local fabric Apron designs.

    These handmade designs are illustrated by artist and designer, Ayed Arafah. During his stint abroad he would call his mother and ask her for recipes. From Maqloubeh to tomato stew (Qalaya), Ayed was trying to cook his favorite dishes while being dictated instructions from his mother on the phone. The result was many scraps of paper with recipes that he has translated into beautiful drawings and handwritten memos on fabric. 

    Designs are printed using silkscreen techniques on 100% Mansouri local fabric made in Hebron, Palestine. Wash: 35 C

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  • Nativity Church Door “Fridge Magnet”

    hand made copper Nativity Church door fridge magnet.
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  • Palestine A Culinary Destination, Spices

    5 Palestinian spices each one in a glass jar prepared a beautiful a box. 1- maqluba spices 2-summaq 3-Palestinian dried thyme 4-All spices 5-Chicken spices
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  • Palestinian A Culinary Destination, Book

    “Palestine, A Culinary Destinations” book a Culinary art book published by Diyar Publisher in 2017 by Gloria Stickert and Dar Al-Kalima University Chef Bassem Hazboun. Enjoy the easy-to-follow recipes book, together with our special spices! Not to forget the carefully-chosen 6 cooking episodes, that are meant to take you in an authentic journey to our kitchen in Bethlehem, Palestine, and provide you with our cooking tips & tricks together with extra information about tradition, ingredients’ secrets and ancestral practices.
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  • Honey Stick

    hand made olive wood Palestinian honey stick  made in Bethlehem, the holy land
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  • Lemon Squeezer

    Hand made Olive Wood Lemon squeezer from Bethlehem the Holy Land and it is safe to use in your kitchen because it is made from olive wood and no chemicals added  
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  • Nut Crusher

    hand made olive wood Nut crusher made with an olive wood artisans from Bethlehem The Holy Land
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