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  • Mosaic Coaster

    watermelon mosaic stone. Hand made coaster. The stones are manufactured, and colored,  by the artisan from the scratch.
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  • Palestinian Embroidery Frame

    wooden hand made frame with olive the Palestinian dress dome and one stone row, the embroidery is covered with transparent glass to protect it. The dome: it is the closest piece to the face. Its linguistic origin is the qib, which is what is included in the shirt pocket in the patches. But it means in the Palestinian dialect (the collar of the dress).
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  • Olive Tree Stand

    wood hand made stand with olive tree embroidery and one stone row, decorated with two Palestinian coins.
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  • Olive Tree Embroidery/two rows

    wooden hand made frame with olive tree embroidery and two stone row, decorated with three Palestinian coins.
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  • Bethlehem Olive Wood Frame

    hand made wood frame with embroidery, olive wood and one stone row. It is decorated with tow Palestinian coins.
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  • Mosaic Coaster

    Hand made mosaic coaster. the stones are manufactured and colored  by the artisan from the scratch,  they tell her own story about how her family where displaced from her village (kherbet allouz).The village is full of almond trees. she called her collection "The story of my Village"
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  • Olive Wood Embroidery Tree Frame/one row

    Wooden frame with  embroidery olive tree design. the frame is decorated with a three Palestinian old is also surrounded with a Palestinian mosaic stones. this artistic and meaningful piece was made by a student from Dar al-Kalima University.
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  • Mosaic Stone Mirror frame

    hand made olive wood mirror frame with mosaic stone row.
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  • Palestinian Map Frame

    Beautiful handmade wooden frame with a mosaic stone row and embroidery Palestinian map, it also decorated with a three Palestinian small coins.
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