Olive Wood

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  • Holy Oil Medal

    hand made olive wood key medal contains olive wood oil from Bethlehem the holy land
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  • Honey Stick

    hand made olive wood Palestinian honey stick  made in Bethlehem, the holy land
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  • Lemon Squeezer

    Hand made Olive Wood Lemon squeezer from Bethlehem the Holy Land and it is safe to use in your kitchen because it is made from olive wood and no chemicals added  
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  • Nut Crusher

    hand made olive wood Nut crusher made with an olive wood artisans from Bethlehem The Holy Land
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  • Mini Cup

    hand made mini olive wood cup from Bethlehem, the holy land. The olive tree has both sentimental and religious significance to all nations and all religions. Within the Bible, the olive tree is referred to as a symbol of fertility and prosperity. In addition, it is said that the olive tree is a symbol of peace in reference to the Old Testament telling of the story of Noah
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  • Small Cup

    small olive wood cup made in Bethlehem The Holy Land, it is safe to use
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  • Medium Cup

    hand made medium olive wood cup from Bethlehem the Holy Land, it is safe to use
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  • Medium Cup And Plate

    Medium hand made olive wood Cup and Plate for Holy Communion from Bethlehem the Holy Land
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