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  • Coffee Cup (Fingan Sada)

    handmade Coffee Cup (Fingan Sada) designed and painted with a Palestinian embroidery, glazed with a free lead glazing, safe to use for food.
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  • Sauce Plate

    handmade sauce plate designed with a Palestinian embroidery, glazed with a free lead glazing and safe to use for food.
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  • Medium Tree Cave

    Hand made Olive wood decorative Christmas cave  with a carved tree background includes  7 figures
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  • Small Cave Ornament

    Hand made Olive wood decorative Christmas cave ornament with a carved star background. One piece manger with 3 figures Including: Joseph, Mary a Palm tree and Baby Jesus.
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  • Side Angel

    hand made stained side glass Angel
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  • Easter Recycled Glass Angel

    This Angel is made out of recycled glass, Fragments of broken bottles thrown away or glass destroyed during the Israeli invasion of Bethlehem. Human hands pick them from among the rubble then assemble them together by some of the poorest of the poor in the Bethlehem region at the ICB art workshops. These art pieces tell all about “the hopes and fears of all the years” That people have in Bethlehem today. The broken glass pieces are a sign of the brokenness of our world, and it is also the reason for God to incarnate. Through his incarnation he brought the divine and the human back together, he picked what seems to be worthless and hopeless and transformed it into a beautiful and whole creation. It is this incarnation, which took place here in Bethlehem two thousand years ago, which gives us the strength to continue to look for broken lives and hopes and to transform them through art into angels and different art pieces, messengers of justice, peace, and dignity.
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  • Olive Leaf Cross Pendant

    “But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God. I trust in the steadfast love of God forever and ever” Palm 52:8   This hand-crafted olive leaf is a “one-of-a-kid” creation made by the artists of Paltisana of Dar Al-Kalima University from Bethlehem.   olive leaves are collected and placed in a small “wax tree” in our workshop. The artisans coat the leaves in gypsum and then heat the gypsum molds in a furnace. the actual leaf is burnt out in the process, but it leaves behind a perfect cast. through centrifugal force, melted silver is then propelled into the mold cast. When cooled slight, the gypsum is broken away revealing a beautiful silver copy of each individual leaf. As Christians the olive tree stands for the steadfast love of God, for the people of Palestine it has symbolized abundance, steadfastness, and rootedness to the land. The olive branch stands for our longing for the end of the chaos and for peace. As you wear this beautiful leaf, you hold a par of Palestine close to your heart.
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  • Spoon set 3 Pieces

    hand made carved natural olive wood spoon set from Bethlehem. IT is safe for use with all types of cookware finishes. The set includes: flat-edged spatula, rounded spatula and serving fork
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  • Cutting Board

    hand made carved natural olive wood board from Bethlehem. IT is safe for use with all types of food.
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