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  • Christmas Set Gift (press to see more details)

    You are invited to celebrate Christmas 2022 with an authentic Gift from the holy land of Bethlehem” 1-Small Carpet (36cmx56cm): you can use it as a carpet or as a runner for any table.36cmx56cm: made be a special rehabilitation center called Al Basma where young adults with learning disabilities can go during the day for training in valuable life and work skills.   2- Stained Glass Star Ornament (10cmx10cm): Handmade stained glass made by one of our artisans to decorate your Christmas tree or use it as a sun capture at your window.   3-Olive Wood Grotto (10X13x15cm): A hand made grotto with the holy family that you can decorate at Christmas time from holy land of Bethlehem.   4-ceramic olive oil plate (12x23cm): Hand made two ceramic plates joined together to use for the Thyme and the olive oil, it is free lead glazing and safe to use for food. You can dip a piece of bread first in the olive oil and then in the thyme at breakfast or dinner.   5-Olive Oil (200g): Virgin olive oil produced from the olive trees of Bethlehem   6-Thyme “Za’atar” (140g): A Palestinian ground thyme (dry herb) mixed with roasted sesame, sumac, and other spices; it has a strong delicious taste.   7- “Two Christmas free Postcards” copied from original paintings for the two artists, Zaki Baboun and Adnan Al-Zubeidi
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  • Big Wheat Pendant

    handmade sterling silver Wheat Pendant with chain. wheat is a rich biblical symbol. from Jesus's parables, wheat came to represent believers over against the "weeds", which represent unbelievers. wheat may also be used to represent the bread in holy communion and, further, the body of Christ. the artisan's work was inspired from the New Testament of the Bible.
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  • big cross pendant

    hand made big sterling silver cross pendant, the artisan inspired the design from Jerusalem Cross.
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  • holy spirit dove pendant

    hand made silver holy spirit dove pendant
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  • Spiral Ring

    hand made silver Spiral Ring
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  • Large Cross Pendant

    hand made silver Large Cross Pendant
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  • Carved Stone Pendant

    hand made Carved Stone Pendant, originally carved at Jerusalem stone it says "Deserve life" in Arabic, which is part of one of  Mahmoud Darwish poetry
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  • wooden book mark/Reisen

    hand made wooden book mark/Reisen
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  • Christmas ornament (press to see more designs)

    hand made Christmas ornament with Reisen designs from the holy land
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