25$ Mug with mosaic houses design. VIEW COLLECTION from:
Small wall
15$ Magi and shepherds separated by the wall VIEW COLLECTION from:
Biblical stories
18$ The good shepherd drawing on olive wood branch slide VIEW COLLECTION from:
Nakhleh 1x2
Multi runner
28$ Palestinian embroidery runner VIEW COLLECTION from:
Wooden frame
26$ Mosaic stone and embroidery
with olive wood frame

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New Products

  • Big Wheat Pendant

    handmade sterling silver Wheat Pendant with chain. wheat is a rich biblical symbol. from Jesus's parables, wheat came to represent believers over against the "weeds", which represent unbelievers. wheat may also be used to represent the bread in holy communion and, further, the body of Christ. the artisan's work was inspired from the New Testament of the Bible.
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  • big cross pendant

    hand made big sterling silver cross pendant, the artisan inspired the design from Jerusalem Cross.
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  • holy spirit dove pendant

    hand made silver holy spirit dove pendant
    $20.00 SKU: FM007Add to cart
  • Spiral Ring

    hand made silver Spiral Ring
    $30.00 SKU: FM004Add to cart