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Palestinian Hand Made special Gift sets from Dar Al-Kalima Artisans.

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    You are invited to celebrate Christmas 2022 with an authentic Gift from the holy land of Bethlehem” 1-Small Carpet (36cmx56cm): you can use it as a carpet or as a runner for any table.36cmx56cm: made be a special rehabilitation center called Al Basma where young adults with learning disabilities can go during the day for training in valuable life and work skills.   2- Stained Glass Star Ornament (10cmx10cm): Handmade stained glass made by one of our artisans to decorate your Christmas tree or use it as a sun capture at your window.   3-Olive Wood Grotto (10X13x15cm): A hand made grotto with the holy family that you can decorate at Christmas time from holy land of Bethlehem.   4-ceramic olive oil plate (12x23cm): Hand made two ceramic plates joined together to use for the Thyme and the olive oil, it is free lead glazing and safe to use for food. You can dip a piece of bread first in the olive oil and then in the thyme at breakfast or dinner.   5-Olive Oil (200g): Virgin olive oil produced from the olive trees of Bethlehem   6-Thyme “Za’atar” (140g): A Palestinian ground thyme (dry herb) mixed with roasted sesame, sumac, and other spices; it has a strong delicious taste.   7- “Two Christmas free Postcards” copied from original paintings for the two artists, Zaki Baboun and Adnan Al-Zubeidi
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