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  • Palestinian Embroidery backpack

    enjoy the artistry Palestinian embroidery handmade backpack that comes from the holy land of Bethlehem. This unique piece beautifully sewed blending tradition and contemporary symbolism, making it a meaningful addition to your collection.
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  • Kufiya Mug

    Enjoys your drink, with the handmade Kufiya Mug. Featuring the drawing of the Palestinian Kufiya and an Arabic writing of : "yes I am Palestinian" "أيوة انا فلسطيني" written by the colors of the Palestinian flag. Glazed with a lead-free finish, this mug is safe for food use and is both dishwasher and microwave safe for your convenience.
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  • Palestinian Flag Solidarity Earring

    Red is for all the sacrifices we made, Black is for mourning our losses, Green is for our deep-rooted olive trees, White is for the purity and sanctity of our holy land. Wear your solidarity with Palestine in style with these limited-edition Palestinian Flag handmade glass beads earrings. All proceeds from the sale of this item will go to support Palestinian artisans in Gaza.  
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  • Palestinian Map stand

    wooden Palestinian Map with a drawing of the Keffiyeh that symbolized to the:
    • Olive leaves: Strength, resilience, perseverance.
    • Fishnet: Connection between Palestinian sailors and the Mediterranean Sea.
    • Bold lines: Trade routes going through Palestine including Silk Road.
    the Palestinian map stand includes the olive tree that symbolizes the deep connection to the land, peace, and security, while also holding a sacred status in various religious traditions.
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  • Key Chain with embroidery

    wooden Key Chain with embroidery. it is made out of wood and embroidery. these special key chains was designed by an artist from Bethlehem. the designed was inspired by a Palestinian symbols, such as the Palestinian dress, the Palestinian Map and Handala
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  • Palestinian Embroidery Frame

    wooden hand made frame with olive the Palestinian dress dome and one stone row, the embroidery is covered with transparent glass to protect it. The dome: it is the closest piece to the face. Its linguistic origin is the qib, which is what is included in the shirt pocket in the patches. But it means in the Palestinian dialect (the collar of the dress).
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  • Bethlehem Olive Wood Frame

    hand made wood frame with embroidery, olive wood and one stone row. It is decorated with tow Palestinian coins.
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  • Star of Bethlehem Flower

    beautiful glass flower. The Bethlehem wild flower, grows at spring time. It is made by a student, from Dar al-Kalima University. Decorate your table, window, or your office, with this fused glass product.
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  • Palestinian Flower Bouquet

    Handmade glass flowers. The Palestinian wild flowers grows at spring time. It is made by a student from Dar al-Kalima University. Decorate your table, window or your office with this fused glass product.
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